Children in the Workplace

All College employees, including faculty, staff, and students, may occasionally experience the need to bring children to campus.  The following guidelines are established to clarify the College’s practice regarding such situations.

Employees who are responsible for the care of minor children are expected to arrange childcare away from the workplace and campus.  The College does not condone bringing children into the workplace and on campus, except as provided below.  The College accepts no responsibility for the actions of children on campus; the parents or custodians assume all such responsibility.  Bringing children into the workplace and on campus creates a distraction, for the parent or custodian, for other employees and for students, impeding the performance of College duties.  The immediate supervisor will counsel or notify employees who bring children to campus without proper authorization in advance.


Employees may bring children to campus under the following conditions:

An employee is coming to campus for a short visit, or errand, of less than two (2) hours:

  • delivering College-related work (forms, reports, grades, pay a bill, etc.)
  • bringing a new baby to introduce to co-workers
  • other casual, informal College business with co-workers
  • CCS sponsored special events

Other conditions to bring children to campus will need approval from the immediate supervisor and Director of Human Resources.

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December 15, 2016

August 3, 2018

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