Severe Weather

In the event it is necessary to close CCS because of severe weather conditions (or any other emergency), it is important that everyone is properly notified. You should also understand that it is CCS policy to keep the College open, if at all possible. Students have every expectation we will do so.

We realize there are times when the College may remain open and you feel it is unsafe for you to attempt to come to the College. If this occurs, call and leave a message for your supervisor as early as possible. If you are a staff member and you are unable to come in, you will be required to take Paid Time Off (PTO). Faculty are required, without exception, to reschedule any classes that are canceled due to bad weather.

Procedures for Emergency Closing for CCS

In rare cases, College for Creative Studies classes may be canceled due to severe weather conditions or other conditions. If this does occur, classes will be canceled for the remainder of the day.

Day Classes:

When it becomes necessary to cancel classes, students, faculty, staff and visitors will be able to receive information in the following manner:

Call 313-664-7400 after 7:00am. The recorded message will indicate that classes have been canceled for that day.

Listen to WJR (760AM) or WWJ (950AM) radio; Watch WJBK FOX2, WDIV4, WXYZ7 television. These stations will broadcast information on CCS closings.

Evening Classes:

If bad weather develops during the day, the decision to cancel evening classes will be made by 2:00pm. This will apply to all classes which begin at 4:00pm or later. CCS will attempt to communicate closing information to radio and TV stations, but we cannot guarantee their announcement. Students, faculty and staff will be able to learn of evening cancellations by calling 313-664-7400 after 2:00pm.

Continuing Education:

The decision for Continuing Education satellite facilities to stay open or close is independent of the Kirby campus. Continuing Education students and employees may be informed by radio and/or television of the decision made by that department to stay open or close. Students and employees may also call 313-664-7400 after 2:00pm.



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