Student Health Insurance

All registered non-matriculating and degree-seeking students are  automatically enrolled in the College’s accident insurance as part of the registration process. This insurance plan is active from the beginning of the semester in which the student is registered. Students who enroll in the fall semester pay a rate that covers them for the fall, winter and  summer semesters. Students enrolling in the winter semester pay a  discounted rate and are covered for the winter and summer  semesters. Students who enroll in the summer semester pay a discounted rate and are covered for the summer semester. This insurance  provides 24-hour-a-day coverage for accidents that occur on and off campus. The College assumes no responsibility for student medical or hospital expenses. The policy is required for enrollment at CCS, whether or not a student has other coverage.

All students are urged to carry medical hospitalization insurance. The College offers voluntary sickness and major medical insurance to students, their spouses and dependents at their cost. International students are automatically enrolled in this policy.

August 11, 2017

December 19, 2017

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