Transfer Credits – Undergraduate

All transfer credits are evaluated for relevance to the College’s programs and policies.  Grades earned at another institution are not factored into the calculation of cumulative grade point average at CCS. CCS makes every effort to ensure you get credit for your past college-level work. Our Admissions office will review your file and transcripted coursework will be evaluated for foundation, liberal arts, studio and elective transfer credit. Acceptance of studio transfer credit and placement within the CCS studio curriculum is based on a review of the portfolio, college transcript(s) and course descriptions. Studio credit evaluations may be conducted by department chairpersons. Transfer credit is granted for any subject in which a grade of “C” (2.0) or higher has been earned.

Students may transfer to CCS at freshman, sophomore or junior level. Undergraduate courses from certain accredited colleges may be considered for transfer credit at CCS, subject to the following conditions:

  • Students may transfer in up to the junior level (63-92.5 credit hours).
  • Current students, who take credits elsewhere while attending CCS, will submit official transcripts to the Academic Advising and Registration office.
  • For new students, all credit earned to date to be considered for placement must be disclosed to the Admissions office during the admission process.
  • A complete official transcript must be sent to the CCS by the institution(s) you attended.
  • Transfer students are required to meet our liberal arts requirements by completing appropriate courses at CCS, or transferring acceptable courses and credit from other accredited institutions. Credit is determined according to major requirements.
  • Transferability and placement of art or design studio credit will be determined at the time of portfolio review.  Credits may be designated as “studio” or “elective”.  Art or design courses taken at another institution after enrollment to CCS may be accepted as elective credit only, unless specific arrangements have been made.
  • Courses and credits earned at other institutions will be recorded in permanent academic records. Grades will not be recorded. Only work completed at CCS will be included in grade point averages.
  • Only courses completed with a grade of “C” (2.0) or better will be accepted for transfer credit.
  • Courses taken at an institution on a quarter or term schedule will be converted to semester hours before being applied to CCS course requirements.
  • Academic courses may not be repeated for credit.
  • Students who wish to graduate from CCS must be enrolled during the semester in which their degree is awarded.
  • Anticipated graduation date may vary by program, prerequisites and course sequencing. See the Academic Advising and Registration office to work out a plan for degree completion.

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